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A Natural Way to Heal

Peaks Above Clouds
Peaks Above Clouds

Peaks Above Clouds
Peaks Above Clouds


Traditional Japanese Reiki (Usui)

A Unique Approach

A gentle Japanese healing technique to assist your body's ability to heal mind, body and soul. Reiki wor⁸ks in the following ways.

1. Promotes harmony & balance

2. Creates deep relaxation, releasing stress and tension.

3. Removes energy blocks and supports the immune system.

4. Clears the mind and assists the body's self healing ability.

5. Helps relieve pain and supports physical healing.

6. Promotes emotional healing.

7. Compliments medical treatment and other therapies.

I offer appointments for Reiki Therapy at a cost of £25.00 per treatment.

Helen Dennis Reiki is fully insured with a specialist medical insurance agency.

Reiki Treatment
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For more information about Helen Dennis Reiki - please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Helen Dennis
Alfreton, Derbyshire

07854 999569

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